Them’s The (Email) Rules!

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A couple of weeks ago our offices installed a brand-spanking new VoIP phone system.  I've been geeking out for the last little while, figuring out all the cool things we can do with the new system that we couldn't do with the old one.  I love that I can log out of the phone at our desk, drive over to our other city office and log into a phone over there. Everything travels along to the new location with me – my extension, my voice mail, my direct line, phone customizations – all of it. It’s as if I am sitting at my own desk and not half-way across the city! 

We can now also receive our voice mail messages as a .wav (sound) attachment to an email. I always have my email available to me – either directly in Outlook, or by way of Outlook Web Access, or on my mobile devices.  Each one easily plays the message for me, without having to dial into my voice mail.  And icing on the cake: the recordings can be saved permanently to a matter file. 

And that’s what this column is really about – not a cool new phone system, but all the additional email now landing in my mailbox.  The first day the new system was operational, I watched those incoming voice mail messages and watched everyone else doing the same – and then I watched as some manually dragged each message into a folder they created in Outlook, so the messages wouldn't ‘mix’ with the other email in their Inbox. 

Painful.  Very painful.  I'm thinking repetitive stress injury territory, given how many voice mail emails arrive at the office….  Why do Outlook’s work for it, when you can lay down the law and make it do what you want it to do – make Outlook follow your Rules.

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